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Mitsubishi IGBT NX Series

Mitsubishi IGBT NX Series

An indispensable device for the application of inverters to all industrial equipmemt, the IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) module has driven the trend towards high currents and high voltage for the last 20 years since it was developed and produced.


he module has evolved from the traditional flat planar chip structure towards the trench gate structure and, with the adoption of the CSTBT (Carrier Stored Trench-Gate Bipolar Transistor, Mitsubishi's propietary carrier stored trench gate), has supported the reduced power loss and increased miniaturization of industrial equipment. The product lineup includes various types of IGBT modules, such as the NF series that has maintained its traditional shape and the NFH series for high-frequency switching and NX series.

Features (NX Series):


  • Built-in CSTBT chip
  • Reduced power loss, enhanced short circuit capability and improved gate capacity
  • Lineup includes the CIB (Converter Inverter Brake) type of 1-in-1 product
  • Built-in thermistor
  • Thin packaging (17mm)
  • Complies with the RoHS directive



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