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A Series

A Series

This series is the first generation of AC motor drive with abundant features, including multi-function I/O terminal, V/f control and auto-torque/auto-slip compensation, built-in RS-485 serial interface (MODBUS) and digital keypad that can be connected to VFD with extended wire. Now it has been updated to B and M series.



‧Output frequency: 0.1~400Hz
‧1-10HP: built-in brake chopper, DC braking function
‧Analog frequency setting: 0-10VDC, 4-20mA.
‧Coast to stop or ramp to stop can be set.
‧Carrier frequency can be adjusted from 3kHz to 15kHz,
‧8-step preset speed control, JOG operation
‧2 sets of accel./decel. time selections and accel./decel. S-curve settings
‧Built-in RS-485 serial interface (Max. baud rate: 4800)
‧Digital keypad can be connected to VFD with the extended wire less than 5m.

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