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A Series

A Series

The A series is an omnibearing integrated servo system with advanced functions. Not only pulse commands and analog voltage signal control, the A series also provides internal point-to-point position control mode (8 internal programmable registers) and offers various internal control functions such as: indexing, feed step control function, internal auto-running control mode, and move to Home function, etc. for a vast range of applications. In addition, the A series implements Modbus communication protocol as a standard, to perfectly meet the requirements of motion control applications for multiple points.
The A series servo system provides a better solution for industrial processing machinery and motion control equipment.



•A wide power range: from 100W to 1.5kW, 1-phase or 3-phase; from 2kW to 3kW, 3-phase
•Input power supply: AC 200V ~ 230V
•Built-in Position / Speed / Torque control modes
•8 internal programmable registers (point-to-point position control)
•Internal control function: Indexing, Feed step control function (for cutting applications)
•Internal control function: Internal auto-running control mode
•Internal control function: Move to Home (Homing) function
•Internal control function: Position teaching function (JOG mode)
•Programming is done via the built-in keypad or using Delta's free Windows® based software where the user can store, teach, and monitor the operation of the servo system.
•Modbus communication protocol is supported as standard. Communication Interface: RS-232 / RS-485 / RS-422


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