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The DMV system not only features accurate image processing, but also supports many input and output interfaces for connecting sensors, light source flashes, camera triggers, PLC data links, and more, which can lower factory hardware installation costs.



System Interface

‧Interface: Provides a 9-pin input terminal, a 9-pin output terminal and a 50-pin I/O mixed terminal.
‧Ethernet: Connects a PC or PLC via Ethernet for data/images transmission and set up.
‧Keypad: Sets up and controls compatibility with DMV system
‧SD memory card: Stores DMV set up process, parameters, inspection results and images taken.
‧RS-232: Speedily connects to Delta controllers or controllers of other brands without the need for other programming languages .
‧Camera: Expandable to two 1394a cameras.
‧Display output: Standard SVGA display output

System Structure

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