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Special features

Compared with DTA series, DTB is additionally equipped with linear voltage signal output and dual output control, capable of executing heating and cooling controls simultaneously in a temperature control system and fast reaching the target temperature.




‧PID / On-Off / manual input / programmable control modes
‧2 groups of outputs to auto-tuning 2 groups of PID parameters
‧Able to connect to various thermocouples (B, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T, U, TXK), platinum RTD (PT100, JPT100), analog current (0 ~ ‧20mA, 4 ~ 20mA) and linear voltage (0 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 10V)
‧Maximum 3 groups of alarm switches are available, with 18 alarm modes each
‧Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display
‧2 key lock functions (1. lock all keys; 2. lock only function keys, up/down keys are still workable)
‧Panel sizes: 4824, 4848, 4896, 9696
‧Built-in RS-485 communication interface (Modbus ASCII, RTU, baud rate: 2,400 ~ 38,400)
‧Sampling time of thermocouple/platinum RTD: 0.4 second/time; sampling time of analog input: 0.15 second/time
‧Programmable logic controller is able to set up 64 sets of temperature and control time.
‧Optional CT (wire breaking detection) function, an alarm output
‧Optional Event function, using PLC or switches to switch between 2 different set temperatures.
‧Optional Valve function, adjusting the open/close of the valve by the output value.

  • Blower coil pipe in central air-conditioning system, heating system.
  • ‧Built-in RS-485 communication interface (Modbus ASCII, RTU, baud rate: 2,400 ~ 38,400)
  • ‧Various thermocouple (B, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T, U, TXK) and platinum RTD (PT100, JPT100) can be set by parameters

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